Toilet flush: A way of toilet cleaning

A toilet flush is a way through which human waste can be disposed with the help of water by using a device known as drainpipe to any other location. Generally this mechanism of flushing is used in western toilets but now it can also be seen in squat toilet. “P”, “U”, “J” and “S” shaped bending can be found in modern toilets as it helps in collecting the water in toilet bowl and works as a sealing material for sewer gases. Since Toilet flush cannot handle waste of human on site so the connectivity of drainpipes of Toilet flush must be done to any waste conveyance and any system of waste treatment. Some other names by which Toilet flush is also known are a loo, a pot, a john, a lavatory etc. The present form of Toilet flush is the result of many advancement and inventions of a long time that’s why single date and name cannot be assigned for its invention as a long list of devices are there behind its invention.


Design of bowl

The bowl, pan or loo refers to the pot which receives the waste of human body. Generally the ceramic material is used for making these pots but sometimes these pots are prepared with composite plastic or stainless steel. Mounting of toilet bowl for Toilet flush can be done in three ways:

  • It can be mounted above floor termed as pedestal.
  • It can be mounted on wall termed as cantilever.
  • It can be mounted in floor termed as natural position.

Toilet’s flush with less water requirement

Every country is facing problem of water now a days so specific efforts are done in the field of flush design so that less water can be used by Toilet flush for flushing the human waste. This concept of water saving has produced many new national standards and various new designs of toilets. Many existing Toilet flush are modified by people for less consumption of water. This concept can be executed by including some weight in the water tank of toilet for increasing the pressure of water by which less water will be consumed at the time of flushing. Thousands gallons can be saved by using this technology so this technique is becoming a boon for the areas which are facing water problem.

If one is thinking about making any changes in Toilet flush, he can get all the information regarding it online through internet as many companies of this product have their own websites from where any query can be solved. It not only provides information regarding designs but also of cost so choice of appropriate option becomes easier for the customer.


Toilet flush is the necessity of every toilet as without it proper cleaning is not possible and now many designs of this product are available in the market from where anyone can select flush according to his toilet space. Less consumption of water is also possible now because of new advancement in Toilet flush technology.

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