Do it Yourself – Fixing the toilet flush

Something very important in every household is the toilet flush. Believe it or not, this is one thing, if gone wrong can have serious problems to your health! Leaking pipes, jiggling toilet and a clogged commode are some of the common problems that every household would have to face some or the other time. You cannot have the plumber on call all the time to fix your toilet flush problems, thus it is good to have a sound knowledge about repairing it yourself. Plus this way you can save on the plumber’s fees as well. All you need is to have your handy-tools in place and a bit of guidance to take you through the process.

Procedure for fixing the toilet flushes

The leaking toilets are the last thing that anyone would want to look at. The toilet flush valves are normally made of rubber and other such durable material so as to stand against the chlorine and other strong components. Before you get down to any step, you have to open the tank and ensure that whether or not this toilet flush valve is really leaking or not. One indicator if the valve is leaking or not is if the tank is refilling more water than it normally does. A trickling sound would be audible when the tanks water gets transferred to the toilet. This way you can identify the toilet flush valve leak on your own. If you identify the problem you are in a position to solve the problem yourself. You would not need external help for the same.


All you need to do to fix the toilet flush is first of all shut off the drain and the water tank. Push back the handle of the flush in order to drain the water. Thus, once the water is shut, there won’t be any filling in. Do a thorough inspection of the toilet flush valve at the tanks bottom and then remove the same by undoing the ears which hold it in the place. Then remove the connecting flash valve and the handle as well so as to replace the toilet flush valve. Normal valve leakage is because of cracked or broken valves. They are however easily replaceable.

In conclusion to the fix

Insert the new toilet flush valve in the proper position just under the tank and then clip it right in the place. Also clip this strap which connects to the handle and also the toilet flush valve with the use of the clips that come in the pack. There are several holes which you can easily use for the placement of the handle hence only choose the most convenient and appropriate ones. Turn on the water supply so as to check the toilet flush valve for any kind of leakage. Then test the flush handle for any leaks. In case of any more leaks turn off the water supply again and repeat the procedure or just call for professional assistance to fix your toilet flush.

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